1-Stop Product & Brand Marketing Partner

Artefactx Consultants is a 1-stop product & brand marketing agency in Hong Kong.

We specialize in new product and brand creation together with brand operation training, to help companies & manufacturers develop sustainable new business cost-effectively.

Artefactx also offers brand management & operation training to management teams and brand operation teams, as to build internal capability and change management to support long term business growth.

Our primary clients are companies or manufacturers who wish to transform their business from OEM to ODM & OBM cost effectively. We also work with MNCs who are interested to explore & execute innovation projects in a cost-effective& lean startup approach.

Product Design

We help companies to develop competitive products to win customers. A successful product helps solve customer needs, deliver memorable user experience and inspire emotion connections. It amplifies the company’s competitive edge and help grows brand loyalty.

Packaging Design

We design attractive packaging to help your product to stand out from competitions on the shopping shelves, as well as on eCommerce channels. We design both 3D primary packaging to enhance user experience and 2D secondary packaging that communicate sharp product value and elevate brand positioning.

Brand Identity Design

A good Brand Identity design tells stories and helps differentiate your business from others. Artefactx takes brand identity seriously as an integrated part of the business positioning strategy. Successful brand identity represents clear choices of target customers, as well as the brand promise and desired equities etc.

Brand Marketing & Promotion

We help companies to develop and deliver creative brand contents to reach more customers, build relationships, and convert sales. We create innovative brand content that resonates with your brand positioning and equities. We track and measure content effectiveness to help you attract & engage the right customers and ultimately convert to sales.

Brand Management & Operation Training

Developing a successful brand is a long-term investment. It requires a management team’s commitment and throughout understanding of the brand mission & positioning, as well as best practices to continue nurture and enhance desired brand equities to grow brand value and customer loyalty.

Artefactx helps companies to train brand management staffs as brand guardians to ensure the sustainable brand building. We design customize brand guidelines and do & don’t across 360 touch points to deliver a holistic brand experience throughout the customer journey.

Design Thinking Workshop

As innovation becomes more & more important for companies to stay ahead of the competition. We offer Design Thinking workshops to help companies to resolve wicked problems.

In parallel, we offer training to staffs and design thinking experience on how to practice customer-centric creative thinking processes to enhance customer experience design to build a successful product, brand, customer satisfaction & loyalty.