Artefactx Showreel 2019

Selection of design innovation projects, including zero to one new business design, product innovation, brand development, as well as traditional product development and brand identity design.

integrated innovation product and brand

Integrated Innovation Product + Brand Creation

Fully Integrated Product & Brand Solution

OEM to OBM business transformation for a Manufacturer in Hong Kong. Development of new houseware collection, complete with new branding, and product launch support in a trade show, website & eCommerce shop. Successfully launch in Hong Kong’s Design Gallery retail shop in 4 months with Artefactx’s integrated innovation process. Read more …

Product Design

Premium Line Cordless Phone

New product line innovation to best capitalises the company’s technology advantage. A premium positioning strategy is developed with all new customer experience and product form factor to elevate the brand positioning. Received design award recognition and featured in Hollywood movies including Iron Man and Sex & the City etc. Read more…

3D & 2D Packaging Design

Homecare Packaging

Develop a brand and packaging solution for an organic homecare product line. Scope including the creation of O’Home branding, 3D structural primary packaging and 2D graphics labels.

Integrated Brand Guidelines

Tide Integrated Brand Communication Guideline

This is truly 360 communication& operation guidelines for China Tide. The guideline covers Brand positioning, desired equities, logo application guideline, packaging design principles, poster and POSM visual guideline, and even advertising tone and manner guidelines. This integrated brand building strategy and operation guideline help train and guide internal staffs as well as external creative agencies. Read more …

Toy Product Design

Water Play Toys

Designed for young kids, these water toys are designed with innovative operation mechanisms to stimulate tactile and train the motor skill. By simple trigger actions, these cute creatures will spray water from their mouth for interactive game play. Read more …

Product Design

IOT Device Design

A tech startup hardware design to monitor and track driving behaviour together with an On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) device. This compact in-car signal transmitter provide real-time report and gamification information on mobile App. Read more …

Brand Design

Flower show Brand Identity

A new flower shop brand inspired to develop a lifestyle community through coffee and flower. The flower shop offers flower arrangement workshop in a cafe and promotes the artistic lifestyle. Through the appreciation of beauty and flower arrangement activity, April Garden aims to nurture a community of sustainable lifestyle with flower & coffee. Read more …

Medical Product Design

Oxygen Generator Tower

A home-use portable oxygen generator that redefines the user experience of the medical device. We redesign the internal structure to innovate the form factor to make the oxygen generator tower like a premium home appliance. The user experience is further enhanced with a carefully crafted control panel and water tank refill mechanism etc. Read more ...

Home Appliance Design

Retromodern Kettle Design

This stainless electronic kettle is inspired by the 50’s fin tail cars. By combining the retro features with contemporary design language, it expresses a taste for craftsmanship and modern art. Read more …