Our Mission

We create Competitive & Inspiring products & brands Fast & Cost-Effectively.

1-Stop Rapid Product & Brand Innovation

Artefactx is a Holistic Innovation agency founded by veteran designer & marketer Justin Tsui in Hong Kong.

We provide original Industrial/Product Design, FMCG, Consumer Goods, Skincare & Cosmetic Packaging, New Brand Creation & Digital Marketing Innovation solutions. We actively experimenting with new technology to create new & better customer experience via Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality contents, we also help clients to leverage Free & Affordable technology like AI & CRM solutions to automate and improve Sales & Marketing efficiency.

Artefactx also provides Holistic Innovation & Brand Management Training to help organisations build innovation & design thinking capabilities.

Justin has over 20 years experience serving Fortune 500 MNCs, SMEs & Startups with a unique combination of experience in Product Design, Brand Development, Packaging Structural & Graphic Design, as well as Digital Marketing, Brand management and Digital Transformation.

OEM to ODM to OBM Transformation

Artefactx specialized in Lean Startup & Business Innovation projects. We help companies create new products and new brands to stay ahead of the competition. We also help revamp existing products and brands to energize business and enhance customers values.

To support our client with the transformation process, and build business innovation capability, Artefactx integrates Innovation & Brand operation training as part of the Holistic Innovation solution.

Embrace changes and Leverage Technology

We constantly explore new technology to enhance product & brand experience and efficiency. Like how 3D printing and robotic manufacturing enable new opportunity in product development?

What technology a company should invest to fulfil mass customization trends?

How Artificial Intelligence AI & Chatbot can enhance customer experience and inspire new product and service innovation?

How to leverage Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR & VR )to create new engagement to drive traffic to the retail store, and differentiate online e-commerce experience to drive conversion?

How business can leverage Big Data and start to build Database Assets and develop a stronger relationship with the best customers?

How 5G technology can dramatically change customer lifestyle and what new business opportunities it will prevail?

Lean Startup & Rapid Innovation to Win

We are at the exciting time of fast changes and intense competition, only those organisation who innovate fast will win.

Artefactx is here to help business to look for business growth opportunities short term by leveraging existing resource, and to build long term innovation capabilities and tools to sustain competitiveness!

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