How to develop Original Product & Brand with limited resource?

From OEM to ODM to OBM

We all understand the importance of good products to compete and win business. In China, some traditional OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) business have taken a first step to transform to ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) by hiring product designers, so they can offer added values original product design services to their clients.

Lack of Original Design in China

However, the quality of the ODM services are limited to the capability of their product designers; though there are some good designers in China, most of ODM service are still lack of originality and remaining a culture of copying from the west.

While copying design require little investment and able to make some quick money in China, this is not a right practice if you want to build a sustainable business; not to mention the ethics and intellectual property copyright concerns.

Original Brand Development

As China economy slowing down, China government encourage local business to develop original products and original brands to add value, as well as going out to international markets.

This creates many challenges for Chinese companies to enhance their Original Design capabilities to compete in international markets, as the Intellectual Property laws are lot more stringent in the western markets.

Developing an Original Brand (OBM) is even more intimating, as it requires more original story and products, also investment in brand management & operation strategy.

MNC Consulting are Expensive & not Practical

Some established company will bring in international product & brand consultants to help develop new products and new brands. However, the service will cost them arms & legs.

Worse yet, I’ve witnessed many cases in MNCs (Multi-National Corporations), the consulting solutions are good on paper but lack of practical implementation consideration, so end up executed poorly and cannot meet expectations.

China Consulting are inexperienced outside of China

For a less established business, they will use lower cost local designers and consultants, who are mostly good at copying others but not original designs. And most of these local consultant companies are lack of experience in international markets.

Best Practices from MNCs and China

This is where Artefactx comes in to provide cost effective original product and brand development service for companies n China and Hong Kong, as well as international companies who interested to enter China market.

With 20 years professional practice in both international corporations and local small business, our founder Justin Tsui, has witness many successful cases and failures in development of new product and brands.

Cost effective & Fast Innovation Consulting Service

Combining the best practice & experience from both corporate and creative agencies, Justin invented the Holistic Innovation framework to help companies to effectively develop original product & design cost effectively and fast.

holistic Innovation framework by Justin Tsui

Tailor made Holistic & Lean Innovation

Each business is different, by working directly with Justin, he will help tailor made the best innovation path to streamline development process to save cost & time. Most importantly, Justin will help to provide training and coaching during the process, so the client’s project team also learn the best practice from the best international companies and agencies.

One example is the development new product and brand for Canvaz – from concept to launch in Design Gallery retail shop in less than 6 months. Please refer to Canvaz project for more reference.

Innovation is a Commitment

Artefactx provides international high standard service with a fraction of the cost and time by working directly with our founder Justin Tsui, in return, we request the commitment and involvement of business decision owner who have the vision to drive innovation & grow business!

Contact us now if you want to growth your business though original product and brand innovation cost effectively!

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