Tech Startup IOT Device for Automobile

Automobile Tech Startup

A tech startup hardware IOT device to monitor and track driving behaviour together with an On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) device. This compact in-car signal transmitter provides real-time report and gamification information on mobile App.

IOT design for automobile - Justin Tsui Artefactx

Texture & Finishes

The IOT device is designed with a contemporary tech look. A subtle pattern is carefully crafted on top panel as a design feature to signify the network gamification.

It also improves tactile and visual pleasure as user experience design. Besides, it brings attention to the centre notification signal buttons.

IOT Device User Experience

This device converts traditional automobile into an Internet of Thing (IOTs). IOT design connects individual automobile operation information with mobile Apps and other drivers in the community.

IOT enables smarter decision making, and it also provides convenience and easy control for customers with a mobile App. The IOT design should be simple and blend in with the environment, and yet to provide an enjoyable user experience when needed.

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