Tide Brand Style Guide Book – from brand identity to holistic communication

Tide brand style guide book pdf

Brand Style Guide Book – from brand identity to holistic communication

While there is a global guideline on the Tide brand identity and equity, the local brand and marketing operations are relatively loose and unorganized.

To help maintain the consistency of creative execution during design and marketing activities, Tide China decided to develop a comprehensive brand guide book to cover all aspects of design and brand communication ranging from packaging, promotion material, in-store display, and advertising tonalities.

It was praised by the global top management as one of the most comprehensive and integrated brand style guide book in P&G.

Brand management and operation

Having a 360 brand style guide is a critical tool to help maintain the brand expression consistency and building strong brand equities. It helps staffs and management understand the core essence of the brand, and guide creative execution decisions.

A brand style guide is meant to be review once a while against market changes to stay relevant to the target customers. However, the higher level brand values and missions will normally unchanged.

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