VTech Phoniture – Award Winning Cordless Phone Design

Award-winning cordless phone & brand transformation design

Phoniture is an award-winning phone design and innovative breakthrough project for VTech.

Maximize Competitive Advantage

VTech was the cordless phone 5.8Ghz technology leader. Instead of following competitor path, I proposed to design the B&O line of VTech.

Phoniture best leverage the company’s technological advantage to launch a game-changing product line that helps to grow share at white space with higher profitability.

Elevate brand & premium positioning

The new premium line played an important role to elevate VTech’s brand image and values. As a result, enable new market opportunities to sell to hotel and premium sales channels.

The Phoniture phone design features the latest 5.8GHz technology with a simplistic and sleek brushed Aluminum finishes.

With this chic & modern look, Phoniture has featured in Hollywood movies including “Sex & the City” and “Iron Man” since its first launch.

New line extensions

The Phoniture range received positive feedback from buyers in CES, and has successfully elevated the VTech brand to a premium and trendy platform.

Since its launch in 2005, there are few generations of product upgrade based on the original premium and sleek proposition.

Phoniture series is proven a successful product innovation that helps build new business as well as improved the brand awareness, equity and perceived brand values.

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